Class Leaders Council

 Sister Teleta Jackson, Vice Chair



Sister Margaret Boozer                   Sister Mynell Hicks                  Sister Linda Hoz

Sister Pricilla Evans                        Sister Gina Johnson                Sister BarbaraTellis

Sister Bonnie Graate                      Sister Mabel Brown                 Brother Roy Grate

          Brother Carlos Griffin                      Sister Mercelle Braswell          Sister Eddie Mae Bowman

            Brother Lloyd Franklin, Jr.               Sister Julia Stearns                 Brother Jamie Woodberry

                              Sister Velena Jones                  Sister Rasheedah Danaye King       Brother David Lester                             




Duties of the Class Leaders:

Class Leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church are sub-Pastors, and as such are appointed by the preacher in charge the Pastor has the responsibility of serving as overseer and Shepherd of the entire flock and as such must appoint class leaders to assist them in this role, therefore the class leader can be perceived as a proxy Pastor.

Class Leaders were started by John Wesley at the birth of Methodism, each congregation was divided into small companies, called classes, according to their respective places of abode, and one of them was appointed the leader. The duties of the class leaders should be to visit the sick, and the bereaved, to inform the Pastor of those persons who are going in for surgery, who have had lost loved ones, and to share the names of those who have been absent from services for an extended period of time.  To assist you in your role as Class Leaders I would like for us to consider the following committees.


Executive Committee          - Assign new members to classes-

                                               - Identify those who should be deleted from the roll-

                                               -Identify who should receive M.I.A. letters

                                               -identify who has left with or without certificate-

                                               -Recommend persons to serve as Exhorters


Bereavement Committee      - Assist the steward board with dinner, for families-

                                              -Inform the Pastor and office of members who have died 

                                              -And those who are having surgery-

                                              -Inform Pastor of members in hospital


Membership Committee        -Establish data base for membership roll-

                                              -Work on a pictorial directory-

                                              -Make sure there is a preparatory roll(12 and under)-

                                              -Identify total cumulative roll-

                                              -Make sure new members are in new member class-

                                              -Assemble new member kits-


Special Committee-               -Organize annual class leaders day-

                                              -Encourage members to participate in Pastor’s support-

                                              -Make sure each member has a class leader-

                                              -Encourage members to attend love feast-